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Tashinami, Well Mannered Attitude

In Japanese language, the term Tashinami (n. 嗜み) has several meanings. If you have Tashinami in something, it means you know about it, or you like it very much. Tashimani also means good manner and prudence.

When dressed in Kimono, your movement, especially the step size, is restricted because of the tightness of the Kimono. However, it is the important essence to make you look elegant in Kimono. You might find the tightness uncomfortable, but if you make your steps narrower, you will find it easier to move. In addition, when you raise your hand, you have to hold your sleeve with the other hand at the same time so as not to show your elbow out of your Kimono. Basically, your hands and arms should not be raised above your shoulders. Well, compared with Western clothes, wearing Kimono requires special attention.

I like the term Tashinami. For instance, the sense of Tashimami is similar to the difference between saying “I have some taste for Sake (お酒を嗜む)” and “I like drinking (お酒を飲む)”. Elegance is the key to the beautiful Kimono style. Wearing Kimono requires some Tashinami, in other word, the aesthetics.

The term Tashinami is also used for leaning something. For example, I myself Tashinamu (verb. learning) Okoh (お香, traditional incense-smelling ceremony) and Shinobue (篠笛, Japanese bamboo flute). If you use the term Tashinami or Tashimamu in your conversation, it will make you sound extraordinarily polite to Japanese people.

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