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Traditional Japanese Colors and Kimono


Since ancient times, Japanese people have been valued the sense of four seasons, especially when wearing Kimono (着物). Seasonal patterns and colors are widely appreciated, and Japanese people in the old times gave those colors a unique name out of traditional terms.

Juni Hitoe (十二単衣) is a style of Kimono consists of 12-layers, expressing the nature of Japan by the color of each layer, such as:

Toki Iro (朱鷺色): the color of Toki bird, a soft pink, not vivid

Momo Iro (桃色): the color of peach petals, a pretty pink.

Other than described above, there are so many pink colors in the nature which are slightly different from each other so that expressing those colors in a single term was impossible for Japanese people in the old times.

My favorite color is a red called “Su oh (蘇芳)”. It is darker than pure red and resembles the color of full bodied wine. Since the Su oh is too vivid and strong for me, I employ the color only to my accessories such as Obi age (帯揚げ, sash for Obi), or Obi jime (帯締め, decorative band for Obi).

There are countless ways on how to enjoy kimono. For example, changing the collar from the regular white one to a patterned or colored one can give an enormous change to your look. As for Kimono accessories, sometimes it’s fun to choose opposite colors, when many people chooses matching color to be on the safe side.

YUMEYAKATA offers a various choices of patterned collars and other accessories. Please try your dream suits and find your signature color. It will make your stay in Kyoto lovely and unforgettable!

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