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Kyoto Kimono Rental・Yukata/Location Photo/Group OK




We love our experience and photograph!

We had a great time getting dressed up and get our make up and hair do at Yumeyakata. Overall was ea sy to book for the service online and response was prompt. Our photographer, Allan, couldn’t be bett er! His gear was up to date and he was really good in choosing the locations for the photos and grea t at posing. All photographs come out with excellent quality! He also helped with our requests for a specific photo that we want. Highly recommend Allan to take a picture! As for make up and hair do, it was great but could have been better (e.g. no hairline visible, options to add fake lashes).

Nicknam : Grace
Your photographer : 詹 佳穎 CHAN CHIAYING [Photos]
Came to the shop on : 1/25