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Yellow Shoubu Flowers at Kamo River Bank

The beautiful flow of the Kamo river (鴨川) is one of Kyoto residents’ pride. The Kamo river joins the Takano (高野) river under the Kamo-ohashi (加茂大橋) bridge at the Demachinayagi (出町柳) district. The interesting thing is that the kanji characters for the name of the river differ between the upper and the lower stream: namely Kamogawa (賀茂川) and Kamogawa (鴨川) respectively.

I saw yellow Shoubu (菖蒲, sword lilies) flowers blooming in the river bank. The purple ones which are typically seen in fields give an elegant and calm impression. In contrast, yellow ones gave me an energy boost.

Now it’s the season for Shoubu, Ayame (あやめ, blue flag), and Kakitsubata (カキツバタ, rabbit-ear iris) flowers, all alike. It is fun to figure out the difference among them !

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Certificate 1st Grade

1 min from Demachiyanagi station, Keihan line



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