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Yokan, (Sweet Beans Jelly)

It’s been severely hot in Kyoto. In such a weather, cool looking sweets are the real treat. The other day, my colleague brought a bar of Yohan (羊羹, sweet bean jelly) to work to share. She gave me one slice of it and it was so pretty!

Nanajo Kanshundo (七條甘春堂) near Sanju-sangendo (三十三間堂) temple is a famous confectionery in Kyoto. One of their famous products called “Amanogawa (天の川, milkyway)“ is a Yokan expressing the world of Tanabata (七夕, the Vega-star festival based on a love story of a prince and a princess of stars). As you see in the picture below, the milkyway is sandwiched with the gradation of night sky and the earth. Pieces of silver foil are the stars. The artisanship is so amazing. It was so beautiful that I even hesitated to put it into my mouth, however of course, the taste was very good. It melted in my mouth with a cup of cold green tea.

This is so like Kyoto. Thank you so much, my friend!

Nanajo Kanshundo
Hakubutukan-Sanju sangendo mae, Kyoto city bus
5mins. on foot from Nanajo, Keihan line



Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade